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    Styles and Cuts
    As a warerobe staple, jeans and denim pants / trousers have quite a number of different styles and cuts, evolving in different periods and fashion trends. The common styles of jeans are mainly categorized as follows:
    Bootcut and Flare
    Bootcuts (also named as flare, loon pants and bell-bottom) are trousers that become wider from the knees downwards. Hip-huggers are closely related styles that are fitted tightly around the hips and thighs worn by men and women.
    There is also a slight difference between bootcuts and flares. The leg-open of bootcuts is generally smaller than that of the flare, therefore the bootcuts are often called as small-flare. Both styles share the same feature of tight fitting around hips, things and knees, and loose fitting from knees to the leg-opens. This is also the feature that distinguish the bootcuts / flares from another similar style, wide legs, which have the wider and wider leg fits from the crotch downward.
    Cargo Pants / Trousers
    Cargo trousers are much like regular khaki pants, but were designed originally for tough, outdoor activities. They are baggier, permitting free movement, made of hardwearing, quick-drying fabrics, with tough stitching, and have large belt loops and several additional patch pockets.
    Carpenter Jeans / Denim
    Carpenter jeans are jeans with many pockets and loops which can be used to carry objects such as tools and are often loose around the leg to be able to accommodated the affixed items. They are often used by carpenters, hence the name, to carry their tools so that their hands can be kept free yet the tools are still easily accessible.
    Hip huggers / Tight fit
    Hip-huggers are a style of pants worn by both men and women, generally made of denim and fitted tightly around the hips and thighs, while flaring out towards the lower leg.
    Low-rise jeans
    Low-rise jeans, worn by both men and women, are jeans intended to sit low on, or below, the hips. They are also called lowcut jeans, hipsters, hip-huggers and lowriders. Usually they sit at least 8 centimeters (3 inches) lower than the belly button. Low-rise jeans have existed since the 1960s, but regained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s.
    Overall jeans for men women and children
    An overall is a type of garment which is usually used as protective clothing when working. These are trousers with an attached front patch covering the chest and with attached braces (called suspenders in the USA) which go over the shoulders. Some people use the word "overall" for this garment only and not for a boilersuit. In British English such a garment is usually called a pair of dungarees. Overall pants are also frequent choice of kids' clothes designers.
    Saggy pants
    Loose fit jeans usually hanging at the lower part of the buttocks, with part of the underwear exposed.
    Skinny / Tight fit
    Slim-fit jeans have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening. Other names for this style include carrot leg pants, cigarette pants, drainpipes, peg leg pants, pencil pants, skinny pants, slimjims, tapered pants, old-school hood jeans or ice-cream cone pants. In some styles, zippers are needed at the bottom of the leg to facilitate pulling them over the feet. Stretch denim, with anywhere from 2% to 4% spandex, may be used to allow jeans to have a super-slim fit.
    Straight legs
    This is the most common fit of jeans. The width of thigh is equal to the width of leg-open.
    Wide legs
    The width of leg-open is grossly larger than that of the thing. Wide leg jeans differ from bootcuts in that the entire length of the leg is large in circumference whereas bootcuts jeans flare out below the knee.
    The major difference between wide-legs and bootcuts / flares is that the legs become wider since the crotch downwards, while the bootcuts / flares widen only starting from the knees.
    Jeans short / Jorts / Gaucho / Capri / Bermuda
    A Jort, a portmanteau of "jean-shorts", is a garment worn by women or men that covers the pelvic area, the buttocks, and the upper part of the legs (typically the part above the knee). Jorts are types of shorts that are made only from denim. This style can also be named as Bermuda, Capri, Gaucho, Crop / Cropped etc, with different length of legs.