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    Find a good jeans manufacturer
    There are large numbers of excellent, very professional and trustworthy denim garment producers in China as well as in the rest of Asia. However, how to find reliable jeans manufacturers and denim casual wears factories?
    There are loads of jeans/denim businesses in Asia that would call themselves jeans producers, however in fact, they  might be merely a family shop with several sewing machines that happen to be used for making denim clothes, or simply a trading firm with some good or loose relations with some jeans makers. Therefore it is very important to find your Chinese counterparty is an authentic professional jeans manufacturer with specialists in techniques, fabric sourcing, and washing.
    Not only is the human working condition in those CMT companies below acceptable standards, but also they usually strictly focus on reaching the lowest possible production cost level, thus maximizing the profits on their fashion jeans or women's denim jackets and skirts. We are not talking about healthy cuts in production costs, we are talking about sacrificing durability of the product in exchange for not more than 5 euro cents extra profit, which is going directly in to the pocket of the owners of these, below minimum wage paying, trousers and skirts makers. Actually, these self christened jeans manufacturers will sub-contract nearly every step in the production of a pair of jeans and preferably to the nearest sweatshop, with an exception for the actual sewing of the denim pant, denim shirt, jeans skirt or jeans jackets.
    Usually washings are done in a large bucket of water, more often then not without the use of any type of chemicals or detergents. Terms like quality control is usually left in oblivion or exchanged for so-called excuses. It is a slim chance to receive jeans and other denim products that match your specifications, from jeans manufacturers like these, to say the least. Although these jeans pants may even be tagged with a "Made in E.U." label, you can be almost certain that the denim fabric was illegally imported and some of the jeans' assembly or handling, like packing and labeling the jeans has probably occurred in embargoed countries or regions.
    It is even more important that none of these substandard companies are officially registered and will, there fore, never be able to legally export the designer jeans that you order from them. If the final destination of the denim jean pants lies somewhere within the USA, or EU or in the recently expanded European Union, then this should be a matter of great importance when you are choosing an asian jeans manufacturer. Only licensed garment exporters can even begin to apply for the export quota and / or license that you will need to get these blue jean products into the destinations. For the United States the quota category for a pair of jeans was cat. 347, for the EU cat. 6. Was, because the Quota system is reportedly been abolished, but lawmakers in both the United States and Europe are still trying to dam the influx of low cost and poor quality clothing and are using the same categories as tools. The HTS code and description for jeans are: 6203.42.4010 Men's Trouser & Breeches Cotton Blue Denim, NT KT.