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    Most frequently asked questions are listed:
    Is your company a trading company or a factory?
    Our company is a textile & garment manufacturing company, located near Guangzhou area, Southern China. Our factory consists of more than 300 employees, with the majority is on the production line and the rest for design, sales & marketing and administration.
    Can you help me to design a jeans?
    As a jeans manufacturer for more than 10 years, we are able to help clients on designing issues. Usually the clients have to inform us the desired styles first, then, we will be able to make computer-based design and then the real samples.
    Can you make samples for me?
    Yes, we will always make samples for clients and sent by express post, like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS (only in some certain circumstances).
    I have a nice sample jeans. Can you copy it for me and add my own brand and Logo?
    Yes, most of the fashion developers do the same. Just send us the sample and we will make copy for you and make some small alterations to avoid possible IP violations. And of course add your own brand and logo.
    I saw a nice jeans from a magazine/photo/TV/fashion-show, and I want to make the similar one with my own brand/Logo. Can you do it?
    Yes, no problem. Just send us the picture, and we make a sample based on the common measurement chart.
    I am new to jeans field. Can you give me more information about it?
    We are particularly friendly to fashion start-up companies. We posted lots of jeans related information, knowledge and designs in our web site. Please take a browse of it from PRODUCTS and GOOD JEANS CHINA FACTORY. If you do want more information or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.
    How to work with your company?
    Since we are a specialized factory in garment products making, therefore we can help our clients on any stage of their business.
    For example -- jeans, we can do from the jeans products designing to the large quantity production. Usually we work with our clients with the following steps:
    1. Mutual communication between clients and us, regarding the styles of jeans and ideas of the designs.
    2. First samples are made and sent to clients by express for comments.
    3. Feedbacks of clients will be used to make pre-production samples.
    4. Production in bulk.
    5. Shipping.
    I want cheap jeans clothes. Can you help me?
    As a factory, we make all types of jeans and denim products, ranging from low cost jeans to high-end ones. Different markets would also accept quality jeans with different price target. If the clients target on the low cost budget jeans, we can also change the fabric and accessories to satisfy them. We have displayed some options in our categories such as in Men’s / Women’s or Kids’, where some designs are available.
    How about your price quotation per pair of jeans?
    The price of jeans is dependent on the size, quality and craftsmanship requirements. Our usual price for a standard 5-pockt jeans ranges from FOB 4 USD to 8 USD. The exact price will only be determined when the samples are being confirmed by clients.
    I want purchase designer jeans with famous brands. Can you help me?
    We can make the all type of branded jeans based on client’s requirement. No MOQ as we declared. However, unauthenticated clothes (design clothes replicas) might be violating the Intellectual Property (IP) issue in some countries, like the USA, EU etc, and import into these areas in large quantity could be a serious crime. Therefore as long as the clients can clear at their customs smoothly, we can be able to offer the branded replicas.
    I am a start-up company. I only want to order a small quantity.
    We do run the service line to help start-up clients on this matter. Under this scheme, if the minimum order quantity was as low as 300+ pcs per style, we will provide custom-made Logo, brand, embroidery, labels, rivets, buttons and other accessories.
    What payment terms do you have?
    For order, usually 35% as deposit by T/T, and 65% by T/T before shipping the goods. L/C is possible when being issued from a well known bank with at least A rating.
    What is the difference among FOB, CIF and CFR?
    FOB and CIF are the most two popular price terms of INCOMTERMS, defined by ICC to harmonize the possible dispute of arising form the international trade practice.
    FOB (Free On Board): Term of sale under which the price invoiced or quoted by a seller includes all charges up to placing the goods on board a ship at the port of departure specified by the buyer. Also called collect freight, freight collect, or freight forward.
    CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight): Term of sale signifying that the price invoiced or quoted by a seller includes insurance and all other charges up to the named port of destination. In comparison, carriage and insurance paid to (CIP) terms include insurance and all charges up to a named place in the country of destination (usually the buyer's warehouse). See also cost and freight (C&F or CFR). The difference between CIF and CFR is the insurance during the transportation.
    The major difference between CIF and FOB is of the transportation costs and insurance during it.
    If I make a bulk order, what can I do for the transportation?
    Make a bulk order, choose the shipping way, will be your economical way for your order. If you are not familiar with some shipping lines, we would like do you a favor to suggest some to you. Such as MSK, MOL, COSCO, etc.
    How about your delivery time?
    Depending on the quantity of order and difficulty of making, the usually shipping time will be 15 to 45 days from the start of production in bulk.
    How about your delivery / transportation mode?
    It is up to the clients’ requirements. By sea, air, land transport or express are all available. We also advise the most economical way of transportation to clients.
    For more information, please feel free to contact with us.